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Atelligent is a fusion of the letter "A" and the word "Intelligent". It represents our commitment to excellence and professionalism in our services, and also stands for our quest to incorporate the latest and most valuable knowledge from our intellect and experiences into what we do.

Atelligent Global Consulting (AGC) is an international consulting firm specializing in business development, marketing & sales, and management consulting. AGC assists companies in areas of global marketing, branding, international sales strategy, and management issues. Additionally, AGC assists international corporations in developing business in the world and setting up operations especially in the greater China region of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Our mission is to help our clients achieve their goals in the Greater China market. We strive to deliver quality services with utmost professionalism and expertise that will support our client’s business objectives. We will be the catalyst for our clients’ business success in Greater China.


  • AGC has local presence in China (Shanghai) and Taiwan (Taipei).
  • AGC has an extensive network of contacts within various industries in the region, including Electronics, Information Technology, Auto Parts, Industrial Manufacturing, Financing Services and Consumer Goods.
  • AGC consultants have hands-on multinational corporation management experiences in China
  • AGC consultants have in-depth knowledge of China market.
  • AGC represents professionalism