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International Business


Rapid globalization and the internationalization of business activities have not only expanded market opportunities but also led to operational challenges that are beyond the scope of a domestic company. Since internationalization has become an indispensable route for local enterprises to achieve higher level of business growth, AGC’s consultants will provide local enterprises with international operational management professional consulting services. AGC consultants, including its associated international consultant network all over the world, have hands-on experiences in international corporation management over many decades. They can assist multinational corporations in achieving long-term business success in the global value chain.

Multinational corporation management system
When entering the global markets, companies will be dealing with international clients, competitors, as well as international staff which will all present cross-border and cross-culture challenges. It is imperative that the company establishes a world class management system in order to maintain its international competitiveness.

AGC’s consulting services in “Multinational corporation management system” include:

  • Effectiveness evaluation of the existing systems and recommendations
  • Planning of critical work process and customer interface
  • Planning of international management system
  • Establishing and monitoring of management performance indicators 
Assessment and establishment of international marketing operation
In order to enter the global market and compete with major international corporations, a company must have the best international vision and practices. Therefore, it is the top priority in internationalization strategies to have clear understanding of each local markets and how best to utilize company’s own existing strengths.

AGC’s consulting services in “Assessment and establishment of international marketing activities” include:
  • Assessment of the international marketing environments
  • Assessment and establishment of marketing locals
  • Establishment of marketing channels and its management system
  • Assessment and recommendation of the market entry method

Investment strategy recommendation
When evaluating the international market entry strategy, it’s necessary to assess various aspects that affect investment decision, such as local financial environment, laws and regulations, culture, etc. Additionally, a business owner can also consider strategic alliances as market entry option in addition to financial, tangible or non-intangible asset investments.

AGC’s consulting services in “Investment strategy recommendation” include:
  • Comparison and suggestions for various investment options
  • Feasibility assessment of specific project
  • Assist in the international negotiations and establishing strategic alliances

Strategic planning
Strategic planning is a systematic process of planning the business’ medium- and long-term operational strategies as well as its implementation plans, based on well thought out logic. It is characterized by the close coordination of operational objectives and plans among all levels of the organization so as to ensure each division and each employee’s work will directly contribute to and be links to the overall strategic plan of the company. Additionally, the performance review process within the strategic plan, can effectively and timely evaluate the performances of the organization so that it will meet the objectives of internationalization management.

AGC’s consulting services in “strategic planning” include:
  • Formulating and reviewing objectives
  • Translating business strategy into action plans
  • Review and modify strategic objectives
  • Comprehensive planning & analysis of the resources and strategies

Expatriate management
One of the key factors in international business management is the recruiting and training of personnel. In addition to ensure local management can properly implement the strategies of the company, it is also critical to ensure that expatriates and their families can adapt to local culture which will also be an important factor affecting the effectiveness of the international operation. ,The company’s rules and systems should be transferred adequately to the local entity to ensure the consistency and effectiveness of strategy execution.

AGC’s consulting services in “International assignment planning” include:
  • The optimized human resource plan
  • Design of expatriate assignment system
  • Recommending appropriate talents for overseas assignment
  • Organization benchmarking of similar-business and dissimilar-business