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Atelligent is a fusion of the letter "A" and the word "Intelligent". It represents our commitment to excellence and professionalism in our services, and also stands for our quest to incorporate the latest and most valuable knowledge from our intellect and experiences into what we do.
Marketing & Branding


Marketing & Brand Management is one of the most important services provided by Atelligent Global Consulting Corporation (AGC). With the most experienced and dedicated team of senior consultants in the field of marketing, AGC’s “Marketing & Brand Management” consulting service offers strategic suggestions on various marketing & sales issues such as brand management, product management, channel management, and sales management. Our goal is to assist our clients in establishing market orientated organization and management system so as to achieve the optimal results in various markets with their products and services.

Brand management
Brand is the most valuable and intangible business asset a company can have; a powerful brand can command customer loyalty and premium prices and result in higher profit margins and larger market share. A strong brand also makes it easier to attract strategic partners. The professional services provided by AGC’s brand management consultants can help companies from the OEM/ODM business as well as those with their own brands.

AGC’s brand management consulting services include:

  • Evaluation of brand image
  • Analysis of both the opportunities and challenges to the brand
  • Establishing of the brand communication strategy and execution plan
  • Brand management effectiveness analysis and recommendation

Product management
A product is the most important object in marketing management. Product management starts from the stages of product research/ development, product naming, packaging, pricing, market communication, promotion, to the marketing mix at different stages of product life cycle, etc. The success of product management is a critical factor that affects the sustainability of a business.

AGC’s product management consulting services include:
  • Development of product value proposition and positioning
  • Market segmentation strategy and management
  • Pricing strategy and management
  • Market communication/ promotion strategies and execution plan
  • Marketing plan effectiveness evaluation and recommendation

Channel management
For consumer goods, the establishment and management of distribution channels has always been a critical marketing issue. Similarly, in the high-tech, computer and information technology industries, distribution channels linking the manufacturers to its consumers play a vital role in product sales. Focusing on the importance of channel management, AGC commits ourselves to meet the specific needs of various clients and offer comprehensive consulting services related to channel management, including the recommendation of distribution strategy, channel selection criteria and recruitment process, management system, and the design of incentive program, etc.

AGC’s channel management consulting services include:
  • Recommend market channel strategies for different product life cycles
  • Selection and evaluation of various channel partners
  • Recommend management system for distribution channel
  • Distribution channel relationship management system and plan
  • Distribution channel performance evaluation and incentive programs

Sales management
Analyzing and understanding customer needs, establishing relationship with customer organization at various levels, establishing sales organization management system, sales training, etc., are all important factors affecting the effectiveness in delivering added value in products and services to the customer, thus influencing customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

AGC’s sales management consulting services include:
  • Customer segmentation management
  • Establishing major account management strategy
  • Sales department resource management
  • Establishing strategic selling skills
  • Establishing sales management and reward system