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Atelligent is a fusion of the letter "A" and the word "Intelligent". It represents our commitment to excellence and professionalism in our services, and also stands for our quest to incorporate the latest and most valuable knowledge from our intellect and experiences into what we do.


With the rapidly changing business environment, the market globalization, and the growing worldwide competition, business executives require timely reliable & sufficient market data, in addition to their own intuitive knowledge and experiences, to make the correct decisions in management and marketing strategy.

AGC market survey and market research services include the gathering of pertinent data such as consumer behavior, target-customer needs assessment, competitions, etc, and also the follow up analysis of such data with appropriate recommendations. It not only can help customer reviewing existing management and marketing strategy, but also offer practical analysis of future market trend for new business and new product development that will improve the quality of business decisions and enhance competitiveness.

Consumer behavior research

AGC’s consumer behavior research can assist business in clearly identifying their key customers, in building and maintaining relationship with customers, in improving their products & services to gain customer satisfaction, and in effectively responding to customer’s requirements and needs, thus providing added value in products/services for customers.

Assessment of customer needs
AGC’s assessment of customer needs will assist enterprises in understanding customers’ real needs and uncover their potential needs. Externally, it helps the enterprise to meet or exceed customer expectation. Internally it can strengthen the organization’s focus on customer satisfaction. While fulfilling the commitments to the customers, it enhances the customer’s loyalty to the products & services.

Competition analysis
AGC’s competition analysis service can effectively analyze and diagnose an industry’s changing landscape. It can help identify existing problems, assist business to understand and effectively manage the changing business environment, to be tuned in to the market shift, to be equipped with the concept of “Systematic Thinking”, and enhance the business responsiveness to the market and competition.