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Atelligent is a fusion of the letter "A" and the word "Intelligent". It represents our commitment to excellence and professionalism in our services, and also stands for our quest to incorporate the latest and most valuable knowledge from our intellect and experiences into what we do.
Business Diagnosis


A successful organization not only needs to be keenly aware of market shifts and be market oriented, but also needs to be capable of initiating changes through learning and feedback. It needs to periodically evaluate the organization with respect to competitiveness and growth potential, covering all aspects such as production, marketing, personnel, human resource development, performance motivation, etc. The organization structure, business goals, management strategies, work processes, performance indicators as well as human resource system shall be modified according to the diagnosis results.

AGC’s consultants, with years of experience in all areas of business management, can provide the professional business diagnose service, and provide recommendations that will help sustain the operations. Diagnosis will be through various methods such as document review/analysis, in-depth interviews with internal and external personnel, benchmarking, workshop, seminars etc. With the business resource assessment, AGC can further assist our clients in carrying out implementation plans and improving enterprise capability with customized consulting supports.

Diagnosis of business strategy

AGC’s consultants will analyze the operational goals among different levels within the organization, and systematically diagnoses all areas related to the operations. It includes:
  • Processes of developing company’s mission and vision
  • Correlation between the company’s mission and objectives
  • Decision-making process
  • Communication process
  • Effectiveness of implementation of strategy
  • Review and correction mechanisms
Diagnosis of organization efficiency
With the rapidly changing market, a business’s key competitive edge depends on the organization’s ability to focus on and react quickly to the market. AGC believes that a company who is to be an industry leader needs to have the ability to establish a market focused organization, to grasp the pulse of the markets, and to be able to influence the market. Thus, the planning of organization structure, resource utilization and human resource system have become the critical aspects in the diagnosis of organizational efficiency; which includes:

  • Correlation between organization structure and strategic goals
  • Effectiveness and competitiveness in the allocation of organization resources
  • Review of the efficiency of internal working and management processes
  • Review of the efficiency of customer interfaces and external working and management process
  • Human resource competitiveness analysis
  • Review of the effectiveness of human resource management system

Diagnosis of business operational performance and financial results
Seeking profits is the most important mission of a business. AGC’s senior consultants, with extensive industry knowledge, coupled with specialized financial analyst, can offer the optimal operational and financial performance diagnosis to help business achieve increased profit. The main aspects include:
  • Review of business financial statements
  • Analysis of business profit and loss, of the entire company and by business groups or units
  • Diagnose factors that influence profit or loss
  • Analysis of the productivity and contribution of the major business units
  • Effectiveness of the utilization of business assets

Diagnosis of marketing and sales performance
Marketing and sales are at the forefront of the business and they are usually the primary forces in influencing business turnover and profits. Therefore, keeping the marketing and sales teams at peak performance and competitive level is the critical factor in achieving the business goal. AGC has the most experienced & knowledgeable consultant in the field of marketing and sales management. They can offer various business diagnosis and consulting services by business units or product lines. The main items include:
  • Diagnosis of market-oriented marketing and sales performance
  • Diagnosis of marketing and sales organization effectiveness and competitiveness
  • Diagnosis of marketing and sales strategies and effectiveness
  • Diagnosis of product marketing & sales channel strategy and effectiveness