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Business Development in China

Atelligent is a fusion of the letter "A" and the word "Intelligent". It represents our commitment to excellence and professionalism in our services, and also stands for our quest to incorporate the latest and most valuable knowledge from our intellect and experiences into what we do.
Business Development in China


From the beginning to the completion of each project, the AGC professionals work closely with the customer at each stage as an efficient and cohesive team to provide customized consulting services to fully satisfy the customer needs.

Our Services

  • Establishing Business Operations in Greater China Area
  • Business Development
  • Strategic Business Alliance Formation & Partner Selection
  • Offshore Outsourcing
  • Cross-Cultural Effectiveness Consulting
Establishing Business Operations in Greater China Area
We are experienced in setting up operations (joint venture or wholly owned) in China, whether for manufacturing or sales organization.
The services include:
  • Location Analysis
  • Joint venture partners analysis & selection.
  • Establishing factories or local offices.
  • Supplier Sourcing

AGC’s in-depth knowledge of the macro and micro business environment in China will help clients develop the most effective business strategy and detailed plans for establishing business in China. AGC’s consultants have over 10 years in-depth business establishment experience in China, and can bring you the most practical suggestion of the venture type, the potential partner list, the selection criteria and the execution plan. We have successfully helped companies from the US and Europe find partners in, as well as establish their own manufacturing operations in China.

Business Development
AGC can provide expert assistance in business development in Greater China area. Our experienced global executive team with long years of managing business in the Greater China area can help clients develop clear market entry strategy and business development plan.
The services include:
  • Evaluation of market entry strategy
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Intelligence
  • Suggestion of organizational structure
  • Facilitating the marketing & sales strategic planning
  • Diagnosis on operational efficiency
Strategic Business Alliance Formation & Partner Selection
Sometimes it is most proficient for foreign companies to form business alliances with local Chinese business partners in order for quick market entry and maximize the efficiency of business development. We can help in finding and selecting the prospective partner and suggest proper business relationship in China for foreign companies.
The services include:
  • Strategic Alliance Consulting
  • Seek out potential partners.
  • Partner evaluation and selection
  • Facilitating the business negotiations.
Offshore Outsourcing
In today’s global economy, the competitive pressure has increased drive for multi-national corporations to reduce manufacture cost not only to enhance profit but also to survive /thrive in the market. Today, “The China Price” has become the benchmark for many industries in terms of market price levels, thus intensifying pressure on enterprises in seeking ways to economizing costs via China outsourcing.
AGC can identify, analyze, and compare potential local suppliers of equipment, materials, components, and outsourced production.
The services include:
  • Review and assess sourcing needs
  • Help identify and select reputable suppliers
  • Assist in negotiation
Offshore sourcing can bring many benefits to company operations. It will generate not only cost advantage but also provides manufacturing flexibilities We have successfully helped European and USA companies find their sourcing partners in China.

Cross-Cultural Effectiveness Consulting
Cultural difference can’t be emphasized enough when doing business in China. Based on our cross-cultural experiences, we can assist client executives in cross cultural issues. We can also help foreign companies formulating their local executive development program so as to localize the long term operation efficiently.
The services include:
  • Cross Cultural Issues
  • Cultural Conflict Resolution
  • Cultural Value & Local Practice Orientation
  • Adapt to Local Environment
  • Effective Communication
  • Simulation & Role play
The Cross-Cultural Consulting will bring you the most complete picture of the relationship between the local culture and your company culture. With mentoring schemes and workshops, it will help developing your understanding of Chinese culture, and the personal connection skills which are applied in your communication.